Keeping weight gain in pregnancy in check

Controlling weight gain in pregnancy is a challenge.  Weight gain is normal but too much carries more risk for a large baby, for gestational diabetes and maybe even long term risk for obesity in the offspring.  In a previous blog we have looked at what amount of weight gain is normal but for many the pounds just … Continued

Gestational Diabetes in Lean Women

Gestational diabetes in someone who is lean Typically we think of Gestational Diabetes (GDM) as due to an imperfect pancreas that cannot cope with the extra insulin needed in pregnancy. This need is there because the hormones from the placenta cause insulin resistance so one needs extra insulin just to keep the same glucose. The … Continued

Exercise can be helpful in Gestational Diabetes

With the treatment of gestational diabetes we are trying to control the blood sugar levels so that they will not go into the baby. The sugars rise after a meal and peak between one and two hours and so most centers ask women to check their glucose levels at either one or two hours after … Continued

Timing of Delivery

There are many points of discussion around Gestational Diabetes (GDM):- how to diagnose it, when to use insulin but a thorny issue is the timing of the delivery.  In the clinic I am sometimes asked “Do I have to be induced early?”  I feel this is more an obstetrical than diabetes related decision and I … Continued

Just how accurate is the glucose meter?

Testing one’s blood glucose with meters has been a great boon to managing diabetes.  The glucose testing meters are fairly accurate and they let us know what is going on.  But they are by no means perfect (See Research GDM 25th Mar 2011) and if you are a stickler for detail they can drive you to distraction. … Continued

Twin pregnancy and diabetes

Pregnancy with twins is exciting but daunting. A twin pregnancy carries more risk for many things including preeclampsia, premature delivery and also gestational diabetes (GDM). The placenta is larger and there are more of the hormones that block how insulin works circulating in the mother. In addition the mother does not move around as much … Continued