Notice to Reader

Controlling blood glucose in labor is important to decrease the risk of a low sugar in the baby shortly after birth. There are many ways to  do it.  In our institution we have a set of protocols that we find work well and they are attached. Please feel free to try them if you care for women with diabetes in pregnancy. If you have diabetes and pregnancy you should ask yoiur care giver what protocol is used in the institution where youi will deliver, most times it is best to have some protocol in place.


Please note that you use them at your own risk.

The staff using them need inservices to get familiar with them.

No protocol can cover every eventuality and if the staff feel the wrong decision is being suggested they should discuss it with the diabetes care giver.

The units are in SI, that is mmol/L. Multiply by 18 to get mgs/dL


Labor Protocols – PDF Documents

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