Diabetes-Pregnancy.ca Privacy

Diabetes-Pregnancy.ca Privacy

Diabetes-Pregnancy.ca personal information and privacy policy.

Diabetes-Pregnancy.ca is dedicated to protecting your privacy. Diabetes-Pregnancy.ca collects no personal information.

Information about your computer hardware and software processed by Diabetes-Pregnancy.ca will only be the domain name, type of web browser, site visit time and referring web addresses. Diabetes-Pregnancy.ca uses this data for analytics, preserving quality and service. The merged statistical information  determines what services are best for the users.

The Diabetes-Pregnancy.ca implements industry standard cookies to personalize the site and user experience. A cookie is a text file that is placed on your hard disk by a every web server. Cookies are a feature to save you loading time and alert the server that you are a repeat visitor. You can turn on and off the preferences or settings for cookies in your web browser settings. Most browsers are delivered with the cookies set to auto-accept. It is up to the user, to adjust these cookie settings for personal preference and security.

Contact Diabetes-Pregnancy.ca with comments or questions regarding personal information and privacy policy by emailing admin@Diabetes-Pregnancy.ca  Every effort will be made to answer your questions about the personal information and privacy policy.

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